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The Master List Of Insanely Awesome Links To Cure Boredom With!
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Nurses Held This Newborn Up To Meet His Mommy For The First Time. What He Did Next Melted My Heart.



    The Master List Of Insanely Awesome Links To Cure Boredom With!

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    only 90s kids can reblog this

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    So far, I have been enjoying the Adventures of Business Cat a great deal, possibly more than is appropriate for an adult human. (All of these are from the webcomic Happy Jar)

    UPDATE: Now with more Business.


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    What Cities Would Look Like Without Lights

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    For more facts/life hacks & posts like this, follow Ultrafacts

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    That looks epic.

    what the??!



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    tbh if you are a college student you should probably watch this because it is so incredibly accurate omg

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    Bob Saget: Saying fuck you to gender roles since 1994.

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  10. Look at how excited he is for himself. [x]


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